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non omnis moriar




History Is A Weapon  

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I found one day in school a boy of medium size ill-treating a smaller boy. I expostulated, but he replied: 'The bigs hit me, so I hit the babies; that's fair.' In these words he epitomized the history of the human race.
Bertrand Russell

'[President Nixon] emphasized that you have to face the fact that the whole problem is really the blacks. The key is to devise a system that recognizes the problem while not appearing to'
— H. R. Haldeman (Nixon's chief of staff)


Learning To Surrender

A Great Difference between Red and White by Sago-Yo-Watha (Red Jacket) (1805)

From The Narrative Of The Life of Frederick Douglass by Frederick Douglass (1845)

"Not Christianity, But Priestcraft" by Lucretia Mott (1854)

From A People's History of The United States by Howard Zinn

The Axe at the Root by William Thurston Brown (1901)

"Let My People Go": An Address delivered at the conference of the Society of American Indians by Carlos Montezuma (1915)

The Mis-Education of the Negro by Carter Godwin Woodson (1933)

Malcolm X on Afro-American History

From The Autobiography of Malcolm X (1965)

Black History by Gil Scott-Heron

From Understanding Power by Noam Chomsky (2002)

The Long Chain

Gottlieb Mittelberger's Journey to Pennsylvania in the Year 1750 and Return to Germany in the Year 17-54 (1754)

David Walker's Appeal by David Walker (1830)

The Demand For Order And The Birth Of Modern Policing by Kristian Williams (2003)

Letter to Lydia Maria Child by James R. Bradley (1834)

Henry Bibb's Letter to William Gatewood (1844)

A Plea For The Oppressed by Lucy Stanton (1850)

Jermain Wesley Loguen's Letter to Sarah Logue (1860)

Selections from Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl Harriet Jacobs (1861)

"I Denounce the So-Called Emancipation as a Stupendous Fraud" by Frederick Douglass (1888)

Worse Than Slavery by David M. Oshinsky

The Convict Lease System by Frederick Douglass (1893)

Lynch Law By Ida B. Wells (1893)

Crime and Criminals: Address to the Prisoners in the Chicago Jail By Clarence Darrow (1902)

"You Cannot Kill the Working Class" by Angelo Herndon (1937)

Social Insecurity: The Transformation of American Criminal Justice, 1965-2000 by Anthony Platt

An Open Letter to My Sister, Angela Y. Davis by James Baldwin (1970)

Remembering the Real Dragon: An Interview with George Jackson by Karen Wald (1971) 

The Social Functions of the Prisons in the United States by Bettina Aptheker (1971) 

Political Prisoners, Prisons, and Black Liberation
by Angela Y. Davis (1971)

"I Believe in the Laws of Nature" by Anna Mae Aquash (1975)

Women in Prison: How It Is With Us by Assata Shakur (1978)

Masked Racism: Reflections on the Prison Industrial Complex by Angela Y. Davis (1998)

Prison Labor, Slavery & Capitalism in Historical Perspective by Stephen Hartnett (1998)

The War on the People: An Interview with Christian Parenti by Suzi Weissman (1999)

Looking back: Radical Criminology and Social Movements by Gregory Shank (1999)

Crime As Social Control by Christian Parenti (2000)

The Challenge of Prison Abolition: A Conversation
Angela Y. Davis and Dylan Rodriguez (2000)

Opening Up Borderland Studies: A Review of U.S.-Mexico Border Militarization Discourse by Jose Palafox (2000)

Slavery and Prison — Understanding the Connections by Kim Gilmore (2000)

Lockdown America in 22 Minutes [Audio] by Christian Parenti

Prison Nation by Sasha Abramsky (2001)

Race, Prison, and Poverty by Paul Street (2001)

Empire Abroad, Prisons At Home: Dark Connections by Paul Street (2003) 

Voices From The Empire

Letter of Francisco de Montejo Xiu (1567)

Letter to President Washington by Big Tree, Cornplanter, and Half-Town (1790)

Tecumseh's Speech to the Osages (Winter 1811-12)

Two Documents on the Cherokee Removal (1829 and 1830)

Black Hawk's Surrender Speech (1832)

Dispatch on Texas Colonists by Miguel Barragan (1835)

Two Statements by Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce (1877 and 1879)

"We Would Rather Have Died"
Chief Standing Bear (1879)

The Massacre at Wounded Knee South Dakota by Turning Hawk, Captain Sword, Spotted Horse, and American Horse (1891)

"The End of the Dream" by Black Elk (1932)

Calixto Garcia's Letter to General William R. Shatter (1898)

The First Vietnam: The U.S.-Philippine War of 1899 by Luzviminda Francisco (1973)

"The Roosevelt Corollary" and "To Roosevelt" by Theodore Roosevelt and Rubin Dario (1904/5)

The Negro is the Race Oppressed by All the Imperialists by Lamine Senghor (1927)

Messages to America: The Letters of Ho Chi Minh (1945-69) NEW

Reciprocal Bases of National Culture and the Fight for Freedom by Frantz Fanon (1959)

Selections from Even the Women Must Fight: Memories of War from North Vietnam

"Why do the Yankees hate the Cuban Revolution?" by Fidel Castro (1962)

Nelson Mandela's statement at his trial and his speech given at his release (1964 and 1990)

The Weapon of Theory by Amilcar Cabral (1966)

"Create Two, Three, Many Vietnams: Message to the Tricontinental" by Che Guevara (1967)

African History in the Service of the Black Liberation by Walter Rodney (1968)

Alcatraz Proclamation and Letter (1969)

National Liberation and Culture by Amilcar Cabral (1970)

George Jackson: Black Revolutionary By Walter Rodney (1971)

A Fundamental Necessity of the Revolution by Samora Machel (1973)

Three chapters from Victor: An Unfinished Song by Joan Jara (1973)

A Bicentennial Without a Puerto Rican Colony by Piri Thomas (1975)

A Selection From Walter Rodney Speaks: The Making of an African Intellectual by Walter Rodney (1975)

Street Speech by Walter Rodney (1976)

The Chicago Boys in Chile: Economic Freedom's Awful Toll by Orlando Letelier (1976) NEW

The Struggle Goes On
by Walter Rodney (1979)

Testimony of Ismael Guadalupe Ortiz on Vieques, Puerto Rico (1979)

The Cold War from the Standpoints of Its Victims
by Eqbal Ahmad (1991)

Looking Inward

Brief Account of the Devastation of the Indies by Bartoleme de Las Casas (1542)

"The Cherokee Removal Through the Eyes of a Private Soldier" by John G. Burnett (1890)

Where Myths Lead to Murder by Philip Agee (1978)

Researching Undercover CIA Agents by Louis Wolf (1978) NEW

Douglas Fraser's Resignation letter from the Labor-Management Group (1978)

Imperialism 101 by Michael Parenti (1995)

New US Military Bases: Side Effects Or Causes Of War? by Zoltan Grossman (2002)

The New Pentagon Papers by Karen Kwiatkowski (2004) 

Raising Our Voices

A True Narrative of the Rise, Progresse, and Cessation of the Late Rebellion in Virginia, Most Humbly and Impartially Reported by His Majestyes Commissioners Appointed to Enquire into the Affaires of the Said Colony (1677)

Proclamation of the New Hampshire Legislature on the Mast Tree Riot (1734)

Letter Written by William Shirley to the Lords of Trade about the Knowles Riot (1747)

Thomas Hutchinson Recounts the Reaction to the Stamp Act in Boston (1765)

Samuel Drowne's Testimony on the Boston Massacre (1770)

George Hewes Recalls the Boston Tea Party (1834)

Joseph Clarke's Letter about the Rebellion in Springfield (1774)

New York Mechanics Declaration of Independence (1776)

Common Sense by Thomas Paine (1776)

A Narrative of Some of the Adventures, Dangers and Sufferings of a Revolutionary Soldier by Joseph Plumb Martin (1830)

Letter to George Washington by Henry Knox (1786)

Letter to Jefferson by Benjamin Banneker (1791)

Address Delivered at the African Masonic Hall, Boston by Maria Stewart (1833)

An Eyewitness Account of the Flour Riot in New York (1837)

Angelina Grimké Weld's speech at Pennsylvania Hall (1838)

Woman in the Nineteenth Century by S. Margaret Fuller Ossoli (1845)

On the Duty of Civil Disobedience by Henry David Thoreau (1849)

Ain't I A Woman? by Sojourner Truth (1851)

The Meaning of July Fourth for the Negro by Frederick Douglass (1852)

What Time of Night It Is by Sojourner Truth (1853)

"America" by James Monroe Whitfield (1853)

"Speech of Reverend Theodore Parker at the Faneuil Hall Meeting" (1854)

Fourth of July Address at Reidsville, New York by John Quinney (1854)

Marriage Protest of Lucy Stone and Henry B. Blackwell (1855)

The Impending Crisis of the South by Hinton Rowan Helper (1857)

John Brown's Last Speech (1859)

Declaration of Sentiments by Elizabeth Cady Stanton (1848)

The Great Riots of New York by Joel Tyler Headley (1873)

"Voting by Classes" by "Mechanic" (1863)

Martin Delany's Advice to Former Slaves (1865)

Keeping the Thing Going While Things Are Stirring by Sojourner Truth (1867)

Annals of the Great Strikes in the United States by J. A. Dacus (1877)

Wall Street Owns The Country by Mary Elizabeth Lease (c. 1890)

Speech to the Women's Christian Temperance Union by Mary Elizabeth Lease (1890)

Reverend J. L. Moore on the Colored Farmers' Alliance (1891)

Statement from the Pullman Strikers (1894)

"Characteristics of the Early Factory Girls" (1898) by Harriet Hanson Robinson

"The Negro Should Not Enter the Army" Statement of the Missionary Department of the Atlanta, Georgia, A.M.E. Church (1899)

Speech to Striking Coal Miners by Mother Jones (1912)

Arturo Giovannitti's Address to the Jury (1912)

Emma Goldman's Address to the Jury in U.S. v. Emma Goldman and Alexander Berkman (1917)

Plain Words (1919)

A selection from Black Bolshevik by Harry Haywood (1978)

"You Have to Fight for Freedom" Sylvia Woods (1973)

"I Am A Union Woman" by Aunt Molly Jackson (1931)

Organizing the Unemployed in the Bronx in the 1930s Rose Chernin

"Back of the Yards" by Vicky Starr ("Stella Nowicki")

Strange Fruit by Billie Holiday and Abel Meeropol (1939)

A Selection of the Poetry of Langston Hughes (1921 to 1967)

The Montgomery Bus Boycott from the Women's Political Council (1955)

Paul Robeson's Unread Statement before the House Committee on Un-American Activities (1956)

An Appeal for Human Rights (1960)

Appeal to Adlai Stevenson by Robert Williams (1961)

My Dungeon Shook by James Baldwin (1963)

Letter from a Birmingham Jail by Martin Luther King Jr. (1963)

The Revolution is At Hand A speech by John Lewis (1963)

Mississippi Goddam by Nina Simone (1963)

Coming of Age in Mississippi by Anne Moody

A Message to the Grassroots A speech by Malcolm X (1963)

The Ballot or the Bullet A speech by Malcolm X (1964)

An End To History by Mario Savio (1964)

A Question of Class by Dorothy Allison (1994)

Sex and Caste: A Kind of Memo by Casey Hayden and Mary King (1965)

The Basis of Black Power: a SNCC position paper (1966)

"Who Will Revere the Black Woman?" by Abbey Lincoln (1966)

The Thoughts of Muhammad Ali in Exile, c. 1967

The S.C.U.M. Manifesto by Valerie Solanas (1967)

'Be Down with the Brown!' by Elizabeth ("Betita") Martinez (1998)

Ellen Willis Replies by Ellen Willis (1968)

Catonsville 9 Statement by Daniel Berrigan (1968)

The Redstockings Manifesto (1969)

Power Anywhere Where There's People A speech by Fred Hampton (1969)

Abortion Is a Woman's Right by Susan Brownmiller (1999)

Women, Power, and Revolution by Kathleen Neal Cleaver (1998)

Stonewall by Martin Duberman (1993)

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised by Gil Scott-Heron (1970)

"The Problem Is Civil Disobedience" by Howard Zinn (1970)

The Women's Liberation and Gay Liberation Movements by Huey Newton (1970)

The Woman-Identified Woman by the Radicalesbians (1970)

Women vs. Connecticut Organizing Pamphlet (1970) NEW

Abortion on Demand: A Woman's Right by Caroline Lund and Cindy Jaquith (1971) NEW

The Combahee River Collective Statement (1977)

Of Woman Born by Adrienne Rich (1977)

The Bridge Poem Donna Kate Rushin (1981)

Address to the Commonwealth Club of California by Cesar Chavez (1984)

Strategic Monkeywrenching by Dave Forman (1985)

Local P-9 Strikers and Supporters on the 1985-1986 Meatpacking Strike against the Hormel Company in Austin, Minnesota (1991)

Why We Fight by Vito Russo (1988)

The Seven Deadly Sins Fact Sheet by David Wojnarowicz (1989)

The Queer Nation Manifesto (1990)

Riot Grrrl Manifesto (1991)

Surviving the Storm: Lessons from Nature by Julia Butterfly Hill (2001)

"Our Armies Are Rising and We Are Getting Stronger" Sylvia Rivera's Talk at the LGMNY (2001)

Organizing in Our Communities Post-September 11th by Monami Maulik (2001)

Tarek Mehanna's Sentencing Statement (2012)

Against The War Machine

Samuel Dewees Recounts the Suppression of Insubordination in the Continental Army after the Mutinies of 1781 (1844)

The Diary of Colonel Ethan Allen Hitchcock (1845/46)

Desertion Handbill by Juan Soto (1847)

"The War with Mexico" North Star Editorial (1848)

Address to the New England Convention by Frederick Douglass (1849)

Four Documents on Disaffection in the South During the Civil War (1864/5)

Open Letter to President McKinley by Colored People Of Massachusetts I. D. Barnett et al. (1899)

Lewis H. Douglass on Black Opposition to McKinley (1899)

The War Prayer by Mark Twain (1904)

"Comments on the Moro Massacre" by Samuel Clemens (1906)

Patriotism: A Menace to Liberty by Emma Goldman (1908)

Strike Against War by Helen Keller (1916)

"The Subject Class Always Fights the Battles" by Eugene Debs (1918)

Eugene Debs' Statement to the Court Upon Being Convicted of Violating the Sedition Act (1918)

War Is A Racket by Major General Smedley Butler (1935)

Admiral Gene Larocque Speaks to Studs Terkel About "The Good War" (1985)

Attention All Military Personnel A pamphlet of the Vietnam Day Committee (1965)

"There Was No Rules At All" — Stories from Vietnam
by Haywood T. "The Kid" Kirkland (1984)

"To Draft Board 1"by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. (1967)

"They Were Butchering People" by Larry Colburn (2003)

"A War I Opposed And Despised" by Bill Clinton (1969)

Excerpts from Scanlan's Guerrilla War in the U.S.A. January 1971 Issue

To the Soldiers of El Salvador by Lillian Jiménez (translated 1988)

Commencement Address at Milton Academy by Marian Wright Edelman (1983)

June Jordan Speaks Out Against The 1991 Gulf War (1991)

Letter from Palestine
by Rachel Corrie

"You Who are the Bureaucrats of Empire, Remember Who We Are" by Don Mitchell (2004)


Account of the New York Tenant Riots (1766)

Federalist No. 10 (1787)

"On the Eligibility of Colored Members to Seats in the Georgia Legislature" by Henry McNeal Turner (1868)

"Address of August Spies" (1886)

"Red-Handed Murder: Negroes Wantonly Killed at Thibodaux, La." Anonymous (1887)

Open Letter from the New Orleans Mass Meeting by Reverend Ernest Lyon (1888)

Remember Ludlow! by Julia May Courtney (1914)

"My Last Will" by Joe Hill (1915)

Propaganda by Edward Bernays (1928)

Testimony of Rita L. Schwerner (1964)

"The Powell Memo" by Lewis Powell (1971)

Twenty-One Ways to "Scalp" an Indian by Jerry Gambill (1979)

The Campaign Against The Underground Press by Geoffrey Rips (1981; Appendix)

Behind the Death Squads: An exclusive report on the US role in El Salvador's official terror by Allan Nairn (1984)

"The Feminization of Earth First!" by Judi Bari (1992)

Federal Bureau of Intimidation by Howard Zinn (1993) 

From Resistance to Revolution

A Voice from Harper's Ferry by Osborne P. Anderson (1861)

The Battle of the Little Bighorn, Narrated by an Indian Who Fought in It by Two Moons (1876)

The Omaha Platform of the People's Party of America (1892)

"Agitation—The Greatest Factor for Progress" by Mother Jones (1903)

Manifesto and Preamble of the Industrial Workers of the World (1905 and 1908)

The General Strike by "Big Bill" Haywood (1911)

"Proclamation of the Striking Textile Workers of Lawrence" (1912)

I Incite This Meeting to Rebellion by Emmeline Pankhurst (1912)

When Civil War is Waged by Women by Emmeline Pankhurst (1913)

A Historical Survey of Organizations of the Left Among the Chinese in America by H. M. Lai (1972)

The Six Pamphlets of the White Rose Society (1942/3)

The Port Huron Statement by the Students for a Democratic Society (1962)

The League of Revolutionary Black Workers: A Historical Study by A. Muhammad Ahmad

The Freedom Schools: Concept And Organization by Staughton Lynd (1965)

Black Panther Party Platform, Program, and Rules (1966)

The Radical Education Project: An Introduction And An Invitation (1966)

Refugees from Amerika: A Gay Manifesto Carl Wittman (1970)

Suppressed Speech on the 350th Anniversary of the Pilgrim's Landing at Plymouth Rock by Wamsutta (Frank B.) James (1970)

 What is Radical History by Howard Zinn (1970) 

The Tyranny Of Structurelessness by Jo Freeman (1972)

Socialist Feminism: A Strategy for the Women's Movement by Hyde Park Chapter, Chicago Women's Liberation Union (1972)

We Are Power by John Trudell (1980)

The Low Road by Marge Piercy (1980)

The Movement Action Plan: A Strategic Framework Describing the Eight Stages of Successful Social Movements by Bill Moyer (1987)

People Have The Power by Patti Smith (1988)

What Should White People Do? by Linda Martín Alcoff (1998)

"Action Will Be Taken": Left Anti-intellectualism and Its Discontents by Liza Featherstone, Doug Henwood, and Christian Parenti (2002)

What Legacy from the Radical Internationalism of 1968? by Max Elbaum (2002)

Strategizing For A Living Revolution by George Lakey (2002) 

 Maps & Charts

Guerilla War in the United States, 1965-1970

A Sampling of U.S. Foreign Policy

Military Dictatorships in the Americas (1830 to 2010) [Chart]

The Future Is All We Have

How to Master Secret Work by the Communist Party of South Africa (1985)

Locking Down with Lockboxes

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